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There are 13 islands in the Galapagos and while we can’t visit every one of them, we have a fantastic range of dive sites authorised by the Galapagos National Park that offer something to everyone; from beginners to professionals, and lovers of nudibranchs to hammerhead fans. Enjoy the Galapagos Dive Sites with our daily diving tours or our dive packages.

Almost every dive site can be dived by certified beginners and advanced divers. Only for Gordon Rocks you need to have a minimum of 25 dives or an extra evaluation of our guides.

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Bartolomé and Sullivan Bay

Home to different species of sea stars and rays and famous for its basaltic seascapes. Visit Bartolomé and Sullivan Bay!

Galapagos Dive Sites Bartolome


Unique landscape of jagged lava rock, allowing settlers such as corals, making it a good place for macrophotography.

Galapagos Dive Site Corals


Get lost in clouds of Salemas that block out the light. It is just an unforgettable experience. Get to know Daphne!

Salema School Galapagos Dive Site Daphne


Home to the Batfish and other strange creatures besides. Get to know them in Floreana.

Galapagos Batfish

Gordon Rocks

As famous for its currents as its hammerheads. Enjoy swimming in big schools of them.

Gordon Rocks Hammerhead School Galapagos


Known for its disappearing garden eels, get close if you can…

Garden Eels Galapagos Mosquera Dive Site

Seymour (Channel)

Where sharks go to get cleaned and we go to watch. Visit Seymour soon!

Blacktip Reef Shark Galapagos Dive Site Seymour

Seymour (Point)

Where pelagics play in the current and rest in the caves

Galapagos Dive Sites