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Back in 1995 it just wasn’t possible to dive in the Galapagos without the time and experience to take a liveaboard dive boat. Seeing this and combining our diving, naturalist guiding and varied marine industry backgrounds, two friends bought one boat, a handful of equipment and armed with a love for Galapagos diving, Scuba Iguana was born. Even better – day trip diving was born! Suddenly we were able to share these unique ecosystems with divers from beginners to dive veterans whether they had 1 or 5 days to spare.

Today, we take pride in being the most experienced dive center in Puerto Ayora, safety conscious and professional when diving in these, at times, challenging waters and known for making sure you have a fantastic day out with us.

Did you feel like Charles Darwin under water?

If after your dive the answer is ‘yes’ or even ‘a little’ then we’ve really achieved our goal. The Galapagos is like almost nowhere else on earth and we want to share with you both the wonders to see and how it all fits together: – why do the brown striped snapper gather in clouds of thousands? Why do the yellow tailed surgeon fish hunt in packs to invade the territory of one tiny damselfish? Our team has a wealth of naturalist knowledge, as well as many years’ Galapagos diving experience, to help bring an extra dimension to your diving.

“If we don’t care about protecting the planet we should go and live on the moon!”

Understanding and preserving Galapagos ecosystems is at the heart of who we are and why we still dive 20 years later. We don’t believe in cutting corners or short term thinking and work closely with the National Park and Charles Darwin Center on a range of projects. These range from courses for local fishermen, to ecology workshops to sea clean-up. We also run an ongoing volunteer program to develop young divers and professionals and ultimately a community in harmony with its surroundings. When you dive with us you become part of ensuring the Galapagos can be enjoyed for many years to come.

We hope you’ll come and join us for an adventure.


Mathias Espinosa & Jack Nelson
(Scuba Iguana Owners)