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Getting ready

As with any adventure, preparation starts a little in advance! We ask that you come to the dive center at least one day before your scheduled trip to try our dive gear. This is extremely important as we leave early in the morning and want to ensure you can relax and dive in comfort.

We are open:
Monday to Friday: 9am – 12pm & 3pm – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday: 3pm – 6pm

Dive Day

7:45 – We all meet at Scuba Iguana for a quick run-down of what the day will look like over a tea, coffee or chocolate (to help open the eyes that last bit!)
7:50 – For most dive sites we travel by taxi to the Santa Cruz pier (45 mins) and then by boat to our dive site (45- 90 minutes depending on the site).
10:15 – Dive time!  Our guides will have briefed you as you get close to the site so that when we arrive we can gear up and go.
11:15 – We surface after approximately an hours dive and warm up with some hot drinks and snacks to boost our energy for round two.
12:15 – Dive time!  Usually at a second site, our team brief you and we dive again to shallower depths and also for approximately an hour.
13:15 – We surface for the last time, dry off completely, have a hot lunch and trade stories on the way back to the shore.
15:00 – We arrive back at Scuba Iguana where we go through log books, photos and any unanswered questions.

Note:  These times may be slightly later if the dive sites for the day are further away.  Please check with our team when you book your trip if you have a very tight schedule.

What’s Included?

  • 2 Dives
  • Full equipment (wetsuit, regulator, BCD, mask, fins, boots, hoods, gloves, tanks)
  • Experienced English and Spanish speaking guides
  • Snacks, fruit and hot tea, lunch, juice and drinking water
  • Towels
  • Check dive (This is a short weights and gear check in shallow water as Galapagos seas require more weights and neoprene than you may be used to.  Also a quick skills refresher if it’s been a while since your last dive).
  • Insurance covering crew and passengers

Where We Dive

Our dive schedule is fixed by the Galapagos National Park so that certain sites are not visited or damaged excessively and we like to respect this. Therefore if you are keen to book at popular sites like Gordon Rocks, please let us know as early as possible.

  • MONDAY: Santa Fé
  • TUESDAY: Gordon Rocks
  • WEDNESDAY: Mosquera (North) & Daphne (Minor)
  • THURSDAY: Bartolomé & Cousins
  • FRIDAY: Mosquera (South) / Seymour (Point)
  • SATURDAY: Guy Fawkes & Daphne
  • SUNDAY: Floreana

A Few Things to Think About…

Galapagos diving can be challenging.  Currents can be strong and more unpredictable than you may be used to, especially July – December when we see more large animals in the area.

  • For your safety some of our dive sites, like Gordon Rocks, are open to more experienced divers only.  Please plan your trip with this in mind – you can find more information on dive sites and experience levels here [link to Dive Sites page].
  • If you have never dived before and would like to experience the Galapagos underwater world, it’s still possible, safe and fun – just a little different.  See our ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ page for more information.

July to December water temperatures are cooler here, from 65°F – 75°F (18°C- 23°C) with occasional thermoclines from xx°F – xx°F (16°C- 18°C).   We provide you with 5mm or 7mm wetsuits as well as hoods and also have some spare layers. However, if you usually feel the cold faster and more fiercely than others, you may want to bring an extra layer of your own.


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